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Boss Excavating & Grading believes that recognizing employees for their hard work is extremely important.  For that reason, we created the Teammate of the Month award where we showcase our dedicated employees.

Teammate of November:

Rick Spencer 

Rick won Teammate of the Month award for November because he is always willing to stay late and show up early to get equipment moved from jobsite to jobsite. He is also willing to sacrifice his weekends to come in and move equipment. He is our lowboy driver who has a great attitude everyday when coming into work.

Teammate of October:

Larry Coffey

Larry Coffey received our Teammate of the Month award for October. Larry is not afraid to get down and dirty and do whatever it takes to get the job done. He works as a top-man for a utility crew and makes sure the tools and materials are where they need to be when the pipe layer needs them. Thanks for your hustle, Larry!

Teammate of September:

Chuck Dunlap

Chuck Dunlap received our Teammate of the Month award for September because he has gone above and beyond helping out anyone and everyone he can.  From his every day task of making sure materials and parts get to where they need to be, to doing even more to help Boss whether it be mowing the lawn, cleaning the floors, or doing whatever is asked of him. We appreciate Chuck being on our team!

Teammate of August:

Darryl Carpenter

Darryl Carpenter received our Teammate of the Month award for August because he has shown his dedication to his job in the few shorts months that he has worked for Boss.  It is hard work and self-motivation like his that makes our team who we are.