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For installing efficient, reliable, and effective sewer systems that work for years to come, Boss is your best choice.

We Install Any Pipe System

Pipe systems, including main and lateral lines, storm drains and sanitary sewers play a vital role in the construction of any residential or commercial building project.

If installed improperly, problems can arise and sewers and drainage can be costly to repair or replace once the building is there. Trust our safe and accurate team to install it correctly, prior to building.

Installing pipe systems starts with measuring, determining slope and then digging the trench and laying the pipe. We take these necessary steps to make sure the installed system flows properly and is less susceptible to damage over time from freezing, groundwater, or soil changes.



220+ Years of Experience

Our team's extensive real world project experience means there's almost no project challenge we can't face or problem we can't solve.

State-of-the-Art Technology

From endloaders to ditchwenches to excavators big and small, we have the right machines for the job.


We use Boss Excavating & Grading because they show a willingness to work out project issues in a proactive manner, resolve them to the benefit of the project.

Dwight Farmer
Adena Corporation
Summit Construction has worked with Boss Excavating on a variety of construction projects over the years.  The owners, the administration, and the field staff are all very experienced and knowledgeable in the industry.  They embrace the “team” mentality and always look out for the best interest of the project.  When working as a subcontractor, Boss Excavating is schedule driven and efficient.  They establish an open and honest line of communication that allows the contractor to easily resolve any unforeseen project issues or changes.
Summit Construction will continue to work with Boss Excavating, and also refer them to others in the industry seeking a reputable contractor.
Mike Mancini, P.E.
Summit Construction Company

Trust Boss for Your Pipe Installation

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