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Earth Work & Grading

Our experts use state-of-the-art equipment so you can start fresh for whatever comes next.

Start on Stable Ground

It's more than moving dirt. Having a stable surface to start on is essential to beginning any construction project. Sub-optimal workmanship can create costly issues down the road including soil and rock creep, settlement, and problems with surface drainage. Trust Boss to complete your earth work and grading so that you don't pay for it later.

From completely redesigning the landscape of the site to creating a level area to lay your foundation, we will make sure you can build whatever you have planned knowing the base is solid.

Our team will adapt to whatever the site has in store for us—we have the experience and skill to tackle every site condition. We use a modern grading system that includes tools like GPS grading devices and advanced equipment to reach the level you need in order to start building.



We Keep Our People and Your Project Safe

We have the expertise, safety certifications, hours of training, and commitment to ensure our people and your projects are safe.

Vast Equipment Inventory

From endloaders to ditchwenches to excavators big and small, we have the right machines for the job priority.


We use Boss Excavating & Grading because they show a willingness to work out project issues in a proactive manner, resolve them to the benefit of the project.

Bryan Dougherty, P.E.
Wagonbrenner Development

I've worked with Boss Excavating and Grading, Inc. on multiple projects over the years and every project has exceeded my expectations. They have a great ability to adhere to a schedule and budget, and their experience has added value to our projects in terms of the knowledge that they bring to the table. I appreciate the personal ownership they display at the beginning of the project, and after completion. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Boss

Eric Morton
Kohr Royer Griffith, Inc.

Trust Us for Your Build

Boss is the best choice to get your site ready for construction.